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What’s inside my finger prick test kit?

Inside your finger prick test kit, you’ll find:

  • 4 lancets – to prick your finger/s.
  • 2 plasters
  • 2 pre-injection alcohol swabs – to wipe your finger before pricking it with the lancet.
  • Gauze swab – to wipe your finger prick wound after you’ve collected your blood.
  • 1 or 2 blood collection tubes – to collect and store your blood sample.
  • Protective packing wallet – to stand your blood collection tube in when collecting your blood, and for securely packing your blood sample.
  • 2 name labels – write the required details on each label, then label the blood collection tube/s individually.
  • Test request form – you’ll need this to register your test on the Ivie Wellness app, and it must be completed before returning your sample.
  • Sample collection instructions – read these carefully!
  • Pre-paid return envelope – for returning your sample to our lab.


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